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Service Support



Value-added Service


NAEC concentrates on improving customers’ value and exploring project focus. Based on mastered various kinds welding processes and construction methods, comprehensively understand the project design requirement and construction condition, set the quality, efficiency and management promotion as the key points of lean fabrication solution designing.  

Meanwhile, NAEC value-added engineering service is able to bring more competitive advantage for customers which has applied in onshore/offshore oil & gas exploitation, transferring, storage and refinery, so as thermal/wind/nuclear power etc. industry.



Installation, Commissioning and Training Service


NAEC execute engineering service based on the target of realizing customers’ project values, which emphasizes the service goal of realizing value.

NAEC professional service team, undertaking the mission for on-site installation, commissioning and training guidance, to support onsite operators efficiently master the equipment operation ability, that to complete the project in high quality and guaranteed the project to be completed successfully on time. NAEC not only show the profession on creating technology and advanced equipment, but also the premium complete service ability, meeting the NAEC service principle of


‘Exceeding Customers’ Expectation’!

Realize User's Great Application Value through Solution & Service

Exceeding Customer's Expectation

Professional Sales Team & R&D Center

Advanced and Customized Solutions

Onsite Installation, Commissioning and Training

100% Quality Assurance

Professional Sales Team & R&D Center