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Typical Case
Honor Qualification

Since its foundation in 1996. NAEC is committed to technological research, process and procedure of metal prefabrication and installation quality and efficiency with welding as the core subject, as well as research, design, manufacturing, delivery, supervision and operation of  informationalized and smart solution.

Taking promoting “Lean&Intelligent Manufacturing and Fabrication to Global Metal Engineering Industry” as its mission, NAEC'S core business is providing "Lean & Intelligent Manufacturing and Fabrication One-stop Solutions" to global metal engineering manufacturers and fabricators.

With 25 years of experience accumulation, forward-looking concept, innovative technology, scientific proposal, superior-quality products and reliable process becomes NAEC's brand connotation, which also made NAEC into the preferred partner for metal manufacturers and engineering operators in more than 50 countries. 
Modern Headquarter
ㅤThe heavy modern workshop covers 8,000 square meters. The comprehensive office building covers 5,000 square meters.
Manufacturing Base
Lishui Production Base was established in May 2012 and undertakes all the manufacturing tasks of the company.

Year 2001
Established in Jiangning district
Year 2012
Extend R&D and production workshop, move to Lishui district
Year 2016
Fabrication workshop in Southeast Asia established, located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
50,000 square meters
R&D center and fabrication workshop
33,000 square meters
Construction area
8,000 square meters
Demonstration workshop
Invention/utility patents & software copyrights
360 million
Annual production value
40+ countries
Customers distribution